Who is Visiting Your Website?

データベーステンプレートIf you own a blog or a company website then you will want to see who is visiting your site, how long they are spending on your site, and what they are looking at when they visit your little space on the big internet. There are things that can follow a simple issue tracker to see where people are going after they leave your web page. You will not get personal information about your visitors, but you will be able to see what is trending on their computers and where they are going on the internet. You can certainly get this information to use to your advantage. By understanding where your visitors are going after they leave your web site, you will be able to gear your web site more towards your visitors.

People are often surprised by the changes that their favorite web pages make simply by following their web site usage. Read more…

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The Aims & Objectives of ICT in Education

Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, computers, phones and tablets are networking sites that make up the term ICT. Information Communications and Technology (ICT) is a term that refers to all the hardware and software that people use to send and receive information. The ICT sector over the past few years  has grown substantially with a lot of new companies releasing new gadgets to improve how we communicate.

To help students to adjust to inevitable future changes, one of the main aims of ICT is to help them to become competent and confident users. ICT would be able to help students use the basic knowledge and skills acquired and to assist them in their daily lives. It is also supposed to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. It aims to help learners to have an open and flexible mind.

ICT empowers students who are unable to use this technology outside the school premises by ensuring sufficient access to those students. It aims to equip learners with the appropriate social skills required to cooperate with fellow ICT learners for a more productive learning experience. It will also ensure equity among all learners, as they will all have the same opportunities to use the ICT facilities in school. Another social objective of ICT is to facilitate good communication between the students that will promote better social understanding.

Appreciating the beauty and diversity of culture is also an aim of ICT. It will help students become well-cultured citizens of the modern world. It achieves this as it facilitates the discovery and appreciation of various cultural heritages of different countries around the world.

Distance-learning programs are now provided by most colleges and universities. Many people are using these programs to get degrees that they would not have been able to receive without ICT. It also aims to allow the public to easily access the necessary information over the Internet.

ICT is changing the lives of everyone. We are able to prepare our children to participate in a rapidly changing world through teaching ICT. Work and leisure activities are increasingly transformed by technology. We enable them to find, explore, analyze, exchange and present information. We also focus on developing the skills necessary for children to be able to use information in a discriminating and effective way. ICT skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners.

The aims of ICT are to enable children:

  • to develop ICT capability in finding, selecting and using information;
  • to use ICT for effective and appropriate communication;
  • to monitor and control events both real and imaginary;
  • to apply hardware and software to creative and appropriate uses of information;
  • to apply their ICT skills and knowledge to their learning in other areas;
  • to use their ICT skills to develop their language and communication skills;
  • to explore their attitudes towards ICT and its value to them and society in general. For example, to learn about issues of security, confidentiality and accuracy.
  • using classroom assistants to support the work of individual children or groups of children.


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Educating Yourself with the Benefits of FHA Streamline Refinance

As the popular saying goes, knowledge is power. It truly is, as the more things you know, the better your decisions would be. This is also true when it comes to home loans. Many people get financial assistance from lending institutions in purchasing their homes. These businesses earn with the interest paid on top of the money borrowed. Payment period typically lasts for 15 to 30 years and interest rate can be adjusted or fixed.

If you have been paying your mortgage for the past years, you can still do something to make the interest rate lower. Refinancing may be the solution for that. If you have not considered refinancing before, understanding more about it would make you see the benefits that you can get. An FHA Streamline Refinance is a refinance program that is open for individuals with existing loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration or FDA.

Through refinancing, you can get a lower rate for your mortgage, especially that interest rates nowadays are at an all-time low. Request for quotes from lenders to compare their offers. Since the rate is lower, you may also consider moving from an adjusted interest rate to a fixed one. This is to make sure that you will be paying the same rate for the entire duration of the loan. And because of a lower interest rate, it is also possible to make the payment period shorter so you will be debt free sooner.

The application for an FHA streamline program is faster to process compared to a regular loan. This is because the old paperwork for your existing loan will be used, instead of having to produce new ones. When it comes to refinancing mortgage, a lot of people are worried about having their credit score checked. This is not a problem with this refinance option since it does not involve checking of credit history. What matters is that the mortgage payment is on time. Furthermore, income and employment verification are also not needed.

With all the benefits that you can get from FHA refinancing, you may now be considering applying for one. See what added knowledge can do? So make sure that you keep yourself updated not only with the latest information about mortgage and refinancing, but on other areas and topics as well that you may find useful as well.

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Family Law Benefits with the Internet

Family law is an area of law concerned with all family matters such as domestic abuse, child care, adoption, marriage, separation, and others. It is safe to say that family law is one of the most relevant laws to everyone since everyone is involved in family matters in one way or another.

Among other things, ICT has largely helped the advancement of family law. In days before the digital age, people have limited access to law services and law services had little connection to the people. This gap is finally bridged by the Internet.

Increase in Law Awareness

With the Internet, law makers and practitioners have an easier and more effective way to promote awareness to the society. For example, the fiasco of the Philippine government and the Catholic Church regarding the controversial Health Reproductive Health Law reached the whole nation and even the rest of the world through social media and online news providers. This increased the awareness of Filipinos about reproductive health issues tackled by the RH Law.

There are also websites such as Justia, FindLaw and NYU Law that provide information on laws and law services in various countries. Users can also ask questions directly to the lawyers and the response will be published on the website.

More Accessible Services

Law firms also take on the web to make their services more accessible for clients. Case in point, those searching for family law Edmonton can easily find answers on M&M Law. This site is owned by a law firm located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is an example of the thousands of law websites that provide easier access to law.

Family Law Blogs

Family lawyers have also gone creative and started to blog about their law experiences and other opinions. For example, the Family Lawyer Blog, run by Atty. Cristin M. Lowe, gives tips and opinions on law topics particularly divorce. Other family law bloggers update readers of case progress, law approval, and other matters.

Undoubtedly, the web is shaping the relationship of law and the society. With the advancement of ICT, we can further hope of improvements in law awareness and accessibility.


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The Importance of Using Backup Generators for Schools

There are a lot of reasons why power shortage could happen. There might be a massive storm affecting the area that could knock out power all over the region. There could also be some faulty wiring that ended up damaging the rest of the electrical posts. In some countries, power outage is already a norm considering the fact that the whole country faces energy crisis. If power outage happens in schools, it could be devastating for the students. Yes, classes might be held during the day, but these kids do not just need lights to know what is going on.

Thus, it is a must for school administrators to invest on a backup portable generator. The Portable Generator Center, at www.portablegeneratorcenter.com, has a large variety to chose from. Let’s take a closer look at why investing in this equipment is cost-efficient and the best possible choice after all.

• Children at school use a lot of electronic devices to learn. They use computer, projectors, televisions mobile devices and many more. Thus, power interruption, especially for a longer period of time could obstruct learning. Instead of a continuous flow in the discussion, they have to wait for some time before they can get back to class. Of course, when children start losing focus on the lesson, then it is hard to gain their attention back.

• When there is no electricity, it also means there is nothing that stabilizes the temperature. If it is so chilly outside during winter or scorching hot during summer, it could really be harmful to their health. Some other children might even have breathing problems or other illnesses that could be affected with the lack of temperature controls.

• For special education schools, loss of power spells disaster. These kids have special needs and these are usually health-related. If the school runs out of power, then some students might not be able to use the equipment that could treat their condition. For instance, those who suffer from asthma might need an inhaler that only runs with electricity. Some other kids might have psychological issues with darkness or lack of electricity.

• School documents become very vulnerable to threats. There might be important documents that will be stolen. The finance and bursar offices might also be at risk for theft. School staff who work on certain documents might not be able to recover what they have worked on previously.

• In the event of power outage combined with emergency situations, then it becomes even worse. The fire alarms may not work and the people inside the school might not be informed of the gravity of the situation.

How a Portable Generator Works

With the help of a backup generator that automatically turns on in the event of power outage from the main source, then nothing is interrupted. There might be split of seconds in gap, but this is not really detrimental. Everyone may be able to get back to their business as if nothing happened. Panic and fear among teachers and students will also be avoided. The best part is that these generators can either be bought or rented. Those who wanted to take a trial use may also do it. Therefore, if the school has financial issues, then it is something that they won’t have to worry about. Besides, a lot of companies out there have affordable rates for portable generators.

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The Importance of Cyber Security for Businesses

What Edward Snowden revealed about the spying activities done by the United States’ National Security Agency prompted people around the world to give more careful consideration on cyber security. Cyber security is especially critical for businesses that need to keep its computer networks and data secure.

The exponential advancement in technology in modern times has ushered in the digital age, where almost every bit of information about anybody and anything in this planet can be found on a computer. Data is now available instantly, at the swipe of a finger or a click of a mouse. In terms of the availability and access to information, technology indeed has provided its benefits. However, it is a cause of concern at the same time. Along with new technologies also came new and increasingly sophisticated means of stealing and hacking all the information that are stored in computer networks. Considering how prevalent computing devices are these days, everyone is vulnerable.

Nowadays, people are cautioned against malware, which is a type of software that is used to infect computers. Malware is used to get banking and financial information from users, which cybercriminals use to steal money digitally. Other usual targets include passwords and credit card information. According to official figures, cybercrimes have cost businesses and organizations billions of dollars.  For this reason, it is important to have cyber security.

Cyber security mainly involves procedures that protect information technology systems and the data that they contain from online crimes such as espionage, sabotage and fraud. Examples of these are the use of firewalls, anti-virus systems and malware removal tools. If you have a business that relies on a computer system to perform certain tasks, then it would be advisable to employ cyber security measures.

Being secure will prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your computer system. Otherwise, cybercriminals can gain access to sensitive data on your PC such as customer or financial information. If you have a business website, you can also prevent your site from being hacked. One company that has benefited from cyber security is from the UK. The Locksmiths Southampton website, http://www.low-costlocksmith.co.uk/southampton, has been an effective marketing strategy for the company and any disruption in its online availability can spell losses. Hence, management has made sure to implement sufficient cyber security measures for the website.

Increased customer confidence is another significant benefit that cyber security can bring. Your customers will feel more confident in doing business with you knowing that information about them is being protected. This will increase the integrity and trustworthiness of your business.

For businesses in these modern types, the use of computer systems is inevitable. In order to get the maximum benefits that these tools of technology provide, it is important to ensure their security as well.

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The Changing Face Of Internet Marketing

The great thing about working in internet marketing is that the processes and methods are constantly changing and alternating all the time. Even in the space of just a year an internet marketing agency can be completely turned on its head and Incredible Marketing know this more than most.

The real way in which to gauge how a successful a marketer is and is likely to be is based around how they adapt to the market. We are going to look at some ways in which marketers are changing their methods and how the face and focus of internet marketing and advertising is shifting.


Apps such as those that you find on every Smartphone have changed several ways in which many marketers approach targeting consumers. While most people hate apps that come with adverts and some even pay for the premium version to remove these ads the fact is that they are effective.

Using targeted ads based on what a user downloads and how they use the app can be a great way to reach out to them. Internet marketing has had to adapt to this as they can’t simply use normal browser or email marketing through Smartphone apps and if a marketing agency is using application advertising then they can put themselves ahead of their competitors.

The Environment

Recent statistics show that environmentally friendly and eco products are now among the most popular in terms of sales. This goes for the marketing process too. The companies that use environmentally friendly technology in a bid to go green and cut down on their carbon footprint are often seen as building up a more loyal following and this is directly due to their environmental consciousness.

While internet marketing is generally quite green in that just about everything is done online using IM to break into the eco-friendly market is also very effective. Indeed, there has been a major shift in the number of marketers who operate online who now focus solely on this market.

Social Media

This might not be a particularly new aspect of marketing in relation to technology but it is changing all the time. Social media plays a major role in any internet marketing agency however there are still a number who do not approach it as they should. Rather than using internet marketing for sales – the stats show that this is a very bad approach to take – it should all be about brand awareness and, instead, ensuring that you keep in touch with consumers.

Technology is changing internet marketing all the time and it means that marketers have to adapt to survive. Unfortunately for many who work in the industry there is just not enough companies who are doing it and these are often the ones who get left behind.

The face of internet marketing is changing and the industry is shifting to new positions and new technologies every year. For those of us who work in this market then this is both a blessing in the sense of decreasing the chance of stagnation and a curse because as soon as you conquer one technology another one comes along to replace it.


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Is Hosted PBX Right for You?

Implementing a hosted PBX telephone system in place of a traditional service is a fiscally wise move, and it allows for added mobility among employees. But, how does a business go about choosing a hosted PBX provider? It’s a big decision considering that the provider will be entrusted with maintaining the most important part of the company’s communications link – the telephone service. Since many companies now offer hosted PBX services, each with its own features, costs and service quality, it is critical that you ask the right questions before deciding which hosted PBX service to use. Here are some considerations.

Cost of Hosted PBX System

Even though the upfront and ongoing costs associated with hosted PBX are very low relative to traditional telephone services, each provider offers different packages and services at different rates. For example, one company will charge for certain features while the same features will be included in another company’s basic package. Decide what features are important to your business, and then ask about the following costs before choosing a hosted PBX provider:

TCO: What is the total cost of ownership? This includes ongoing system upgrades, vendor management, long distance rates, staff costs, training, network access, and fees associated with additions, changes and relocation.

Installation fees: This fee should be nominal considering there is no hardware setup required, but some companies will charge for seat licenses and set up.

Training and Support

Many PBX service providers only offer web-based and/or telephone training and support, while others offer onsite group training. Assess your employee’s needs to evaluate whether or not this is an important factor in your decision. If you and your staff are fairly technologically savvy, online training and support may be all you need. Otherwise, select a provider that offers onsite support who will send technicians to the worksite to train your staff.

Is the Network Leased or Owned

When researching PBX providers, it is important to ask whether or not each owns its own network. Many PBX companies combine their service with the network of a separate provider by laying their service on top of the network the business client already has in place. Or, in many cases, the hosted PBX service will be packaged together with that of an existing network, and then sold as a bundle. This allows the PBX provider to focus on their service component, but it can create problems when internet service issues arise. Some hosted PBX companies do have their own networks which allow for streamlined resolution should problems arise with either the internet or telephone component of the service.

Contract Terms

Some PBX providers don’t require a contract at all, while some do. If the provider you are considering does require a contract, ask if they offer an initial trial period that will allow you to ‘test drive’ the service first without entering into a binding contract. It’s an important question because, while package and price points vary between providers, so do the terms of service. Read the fine print, including length of contract and penalties for early termination. Inquire about mediation should unresolvable issues come up. Do not forget to ask for it all in writing.


Also ask about different service level agreements that include what is covered in software resolution and hardware repairs (if you lease or purchase their telephones), and whether or not the company guarantees a mean time for repairs to be completed. Make sure to identify exactly what type of support is offered (telephone, web-based, onsite), and at what cost, if any. Different providers include different tiers of service in their price plans. Before choosing a hosted PBX provider, have a clear understanding of the service options available.

Telephones are the lifeline of a business, so the decision of which hosted PBX service provider to use is one of the most important choices you will make for your business. The first step is to assess exactly what you need from a hosted service. The second step is to ask the right questions. When you make the right decision for your business, a hosted PBX service provider will save you money and hassle, and the right company will also help you present a more polished, professional image to your customer base.

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Air Filters To Deal With PC And Laptop Dust

As any avid computer user knows, a PC or, to a lesser extent, a laptop causes a substantial buildup of dust.

Most of us will never realize the extent of it however a full tower desktop PC for instance traps dust in its ventilation system and also helps to spread it around the room as well when the fan is on. For people who suffer from allergies and reactions then this can cause breakouts of rashes, sneezing, coughing and a host of other ailments.

This is why air filter technology has advanced at such a rate in recent years especially when it comes to being used in conjunction with either home computers or in a more industrial setting. If you suffer from these kinds of reactions at home then this is only going to be amplified in a workplace environment with dozens of computers blowing particles in the air.

So, what is the solution to this problem and how can you cut down on dust, particles and other materials being blown around the room and causing allergic reactions?

Air Bear air filters from Air Filter Buy are very effective when dealing with a buildup of dust and other particles. While the simple option to decrease the likelihood of allergic reactions is to clean out the ventilation system of the computer every once in a while, the fact is that not everyone is going to do this in an office environment and an air filtration system is often needed.

Furnace air filters are generally suitable for rooms at home that hold a computer and also offices in the workplace that hold several. They can attract dust and particles and make sure that they are as confined within the room as possible. The air filter systems won’t catch every single particle in the air however it will significantly reduce the amount of dust that is flying about and ensure that any reactions are kept to a minimum.

If 90% of people who owned a PC or laptop opened up their device and looked inside they would no doubt be surprised at just how much dust and other particles are present.

Computers have a canny ability of attracting all this mess and then blowing some of it out through their own cooling fan system and releasing it into the room. However, with air filter systems the effect of this can be greatly reduced.

Even simple and basic air filtration systems that are designed to reduce dust and cut down on allergic materials in the air can be mightily effective for most people who suffer reactions on a regular basis. They might not completely rid the room of particles and dust but they will make a noticeable difference.

If you are working around computers and laptops all day and find your allergies playing up, first clean out the ventilation system of the computer to rid it of dust and then invest in air filters to catch the rest. Over time you will notice how much your allergies benefit from it.


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How Advancements in ICT Have Changed the Face of Financial Trading

Information and communications technology has certainly significantly improved over the last decade. Many things once considered impossible to do are now part of normal life thanks to these improvements. Still, because changes in ICT tend to be very rapid, many people are not able to readily adapt to the use of the newest technologies. The reason why I am writing this post is to focus on one a particular ICT that, although very popular already, is still not utilized by much of its target market: online trading.

Over the past decade, online trading has become a viable form of trading through the help of so many people all over the world. Still, while thousands of people now do online trading on a daily basis, it can still be said that so much of the world’s trading population is stilling missing out on the use of such a technology. Every trader can have a much more convenient time when they do trading online. This is because they can have the luxury of not waiting for specific trade times when they do so. In addition to this, online trading also gives people access to so many assets in different markets all over the world. By thinking about these things, one realizes that every trader really needs to consider doing online trading.

It’s also worth noting that some forms of trading are best done online. One of these forms of trading happens to be binary options trading. When it comes to binary options trading, one can make the best profit from it by doing it through the web trading platform of legitimate binary options brokerage that employs the best ICTs. By looking up a binary option broker comparison on the internet, you will see that reviewers prefer doing business with companies that make use of amazing trading platforms. This is because when it comes to ICT, even the smallest things matter. A small advantage on the part of a particular ICT can spell the difference between success and failure for any company that operates online.

“I love doing business with Banc de Binary. When it comes to binary options low minimum deposit trades are always a big draw – this is one of the reasons why I do business with Banc de Binary. In addition to this, Banc de Binary’s trading platform uses the best internet technologies. Unlike with other brokerages, I never run into errors when doing binary options trading with Banc de Binary. Also, thanks to the fact that Banc de Binary invests in the latest security technologies, I can rest assured that all the transactions I do with them are safe and secure,” Louis Seydoux, a friend of mine who happens to be an IT expert/binary options trader, told me via e-mail.

Hopefully, by writing this post, I get to make more people realize the importance of ICT. As for my readers who happen to be traders, I do hope that they really consider getting into online trading if they haven’t yet. Online trading offers so many amazing possibilities to everyone. I can even go as far as say that online trading has democratized the world of finance.

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Electronic Data Shredding Technology

E-shredding or Electronic Data Shredding is a common phrase used to illustrate the process of destroying or permanently removing electronic data (sometimes ICT media) from digital devices. This procedure is often weighed against paper document shredding, however on a digital level. Paper shredding is an infallible way of getting rid of important documents safely. Even large companies and corporations can do this relatively quickly with the help a shredding companies such as Paper Shredding Pros, which offers both mobile and off-site shredding.

Digital data shredding, on the other hand, is a very different story. Although majority of the professionals try to erase secure information from digital devices they use, residual data can be accessed by unauthorized individuals. Electronic data shredding is the ultimate solution for the companies, since it offers a very high level sensitive-information-protection and digital security.

Why Is It Required?

When information is deleted using the conventional techniques, the data is not entirely erased and can be recovered using different software programs. The ‘delete’ function in majority of the operating systems merely eliminates the usual access to the file. It does not remove the content data immediately. In order to prevent file recovery, you need to opt for data shredding solutions that can help you overwrite certain files with other data, destroying the original information.

Make Certain Your Data Remains Secure

In order to protect your customers from any sort of unwanted security breach, digital data shredding is executed by countless types of electronic devices, including scan, large format print, copy machines, etc…

This technology works by eliminating and overwriting your sensitive data immediately after the format print is processed. This helps tremendously in keeping the data secure.

General e-shredding technology algorithms utilized in America include:

1. Guttmann

This electronic data shredding technology erases information by using thirty-five overwrite passes. Every session of overwriting the data is equivalent to 4 random write patterns.

2. Custom e-shredding Technology

It is perfect for ultimate control over the data. You can manually set the number of overwrites as preferred. It is a perfect solution for companies who are concerned about data security breaches.

3. US DOD 5220.22-M

This method is normally regarded as the maximum level of sanitization to react to information remanence.


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Software Photo Editing: Big Help or Big Lie?

Photo editing software has become a big hit since the first day it came out of the market. After many years of sticking to for sale software, web-based photo editing sites began to sprout. This just goes to show that tech people are clearly seeing the appreciation of the public that they just needed to create something for those who can’t afford buying a software installer. However, not all people praise such innovations. There are also those who seem to focus on its negatives, or perhaps they’re just seeing a bigger picture than others. So what’s the real score with this photo editing software?


Just come to think of it, with at least one handy software, you can skip websites like http://www.northcountycosmeticsurgery.com/facial-procedures/face-neck-lift/ and services from face lift San Diego County clinics because you can simply edit your face on the PC. Obviously that’s a big advantage. If you want to appear a little bit better on your social media accounts, at least, you can simply fix every unwanted detail through this software. Moreover, there are also other variations of it where you can do more detailed editing. It can transform a studio picture into a somewhat wildlife picture – the possibilities are endless.

The best thing of all is that you can learn all about it by yourself. Learn by experience and by experimenting. Apparently, there are specific classes and courses for it but you have the option to be your own mentor. Avid editors post videos and tutorial article all over the internet all the advantages of photo editing software can be at your fingertips in no time.


As mentioned, not all people appreciate these inventions, if I may. There are some who don’t really consider it helpful, but rather destructive. Just like any other aspect of technology, photo editing software also has its own disadvantages. Own of which is that they can easily be used to fool people. One may claim it’s free software but at the end of the string there’s a trick and the next thing you know you’ve already lost some good amount with the thought that it was free. Moreover, other are also saying it’s not really great to freely edit yourself however you desire; it’s kind of fooling others who see the fake or edited photo. In fact, several surveys revealed that many are still checking out expert dermatologist Calgary based and sites like http://www.totalskincarecentre.com/ for a real deal of editing.

The option whether or not to support photo editing software and other technological inventions used for editing is always at the hands of the public. Opinions and even sarcasms will always rise but at the end of the day, it’s a fact that inventors and sellers of this software are earning and that’s what makes the realm of technology alive and kicking. As long as there are people who are hungry for what’s next and as long as there are individuals who find themselves interested, the array of choices of such items and products will continue to broaden.

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